Art Speaks- International Artists Exhibition- Shanghai 2010
Exhibition venue: The Bund Art Gallery
Exhibition Date : May 31- Jun 3, 2010
Package tour cum exhibition : May 28- Jun 4,  2010

The Bund Art Gallery

  ArtGroup International is established with the belief that ART transcends beyond all barriers of culture, ideologies, differences and conflicts" , therefore, its mission is to promote global peace, harmony and progress through art . International Artists Exhibition- Shanghai 2010 to be held at the Bund Museum commencing May 31 to June 3 2010 is to commemorate with the occasion of the World Expo to be held at Shanghai commencing May to October 2010. The aim is to provide a platform for artists , art lovers  and collectors from different cultures to meet face to face will, to exhibit, to buy or to sell as well as and to interact with one another.

This exhibition  is  one of the highlight activities related to  Shanghai art tour cum cultural exchange package. A number of 20 selected artists
listed as "100 Excellent Artists" will be invited as participants for  this cross cultural art exchange package that includes an exhibition, outdoor sketching at the Bund, visit art galleries, art colleges

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展览地点: 上海外滩艺术馆







1。 上海画家参展表格

2。 《国际艺术家交流展》参展细则