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International Lifelong Art Festival 2010 will be held as one of the special events of the 9th National Lifelong Learning Festival. The aim of the International Lifelong Art Festival is to provide both the artists abroad and the Korean public with an opportunity to exhibit and share insights about art, life and aesthetics. 
Dong-gu District has designed the Festival to enhance mutual understanding among people by giving a chance to appreciate education and civil culture. This includes the promotion of harmony between traditions and high technologies, between artists and the public, and finally among the unique cultures of various countries.

Who will be the participants?
Artists with interests and passions in Korean culture and art from around 15 countries.

Over 90 works (2 works per artist) will be included by 45 artists (3 artists per country).

Artworks will be exhibited throughout the entire duration of the 9th National Lifelong Learning Festival (Oct.8th C Oct. 11th 2010). The Festival is an opportunity for artists to display and sell their artworks. Artists can freely organize sales and various sub activities (such as portrait drawing) that the public can actively participate in.

Artists are expected to carry their own works to and from their countries of origin. Therefore, one should avoid carrying artwork that is likely to be damaged in transit.

  Artist Services
  • One booth per each country (Width 3m X Height 6m)

  • Local transportation from Seoul (Incheon International Airport) to Daegu.

  • Accommodation: 4 nights and 5 days (Oct. 7th C Oct.11th)

    * Types of accommodation varies from Homestay, Buddhist temple stay and to Hotel.


  • Meals will be provided.

  • Artists will have their artwork and biography featured in the International Lifelong Art Festival Pamphlet compliments¨ of Dong-gu District.

Recommendations of Participating Artists

  • Artists who have great interests in both Korean and Oriental art and culture

  • Artists who wish to communicate with the public in Korea

  • Artists who reflect national identity on their works

  • Women artists and artists that reflect women¨s sensitivity on their works

Display Size 

  • 2D works : No larger than W.90cm 〜 L.150cm (including frame)

  • 3D works : No larger than W.60cm 〜 L.60cm 〜 H.120cm

  • Paper or fabric works: No larger than W.150cm 〜 L.150cm

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