Tang Hon Yin




Afternoon in Seville
144cm x 200cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Born in 1943 in Penang, Hon Yin is a self-taught artist, attached to the Education Department in Penang.

Since graduating from the University of Malaya in 1967, he has been painting abstracts using arcylic on canvas. His works hint of a semblance to space photographs with occasional splashes of a rainbow spectrum casting through the space. More than just a meditative fusion of life elements like water, earth and light, there is a philosophical and spiritual exuberance in his paintings. For example, in his Water Margin series, Hon Yin shows the way to a mystical journey which leads nowhere, anywhere and everywhere.

"In the Horizon of life, the water margin is the edge where the sky meets the sea, where the sea meets land. The horizon is the only permanent thing in a world that is temporal and transient. It is there and yet it is not there. It is where the sky meets the sea and yet the two never meet. The horizon seems to be there for eternity but its mood instantly chamges."

He held his first one-man show at Galeria, Penang in 1983 followed by another show in 1986 at the Australian High Commission,Kuala Lumpur. However, he has been taking part in group exhibitions since the National Open Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery in 1974. Subsequent shows include Salon, National Art Gallery, K.L (1978, 1979). 8th International Festival of the Arts, (Singapore), ' TITIAN ' I PPM Show, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore (1983), 20 years of Malaysian Art, U.S.M .Penang (1983), Invitational Show, Selangor Chinese Town Hall, (1985) Penang Retrospective Art Exhibition (1986), Malaysian Art '57 - '87, National Art Gallery (1987), Exhibition of Malaysian Contemporary Art, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California (1988) and Contemporary Penang Art Exhibition (1989).

Since 1978, he became a member and later the secretary of the UTARA art group and took part in the group's exhibitions in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. He is the advisor to the Penang Teacher's Art Circle and a member of Persatuan Pelukis Malaysia (P.P.M)

Hia works are represented in the National Art Gallery, and public collections in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Singapore. He is featured in local newspaper articles as well Puspaseni (a selection of paintings in the collection of Bank Negara, Malaysia, 1989), Visage Magazine (August 1986), Pacific Magazine (1983) and Asian Wall Street Journal (1982).

Statement by the artist
" My  paintings reflect the way I see the world, with optimism and hope. In the 1960s, I saw many paintings entitled, 'The joy of Living' I feel alive and happy when I paint. To me, art is a vehicle for self-discovery. Staring at a large canvas is quite an experience. And eventually, to make it say all the unspeakable emotions and feelings within oneself is what my painting is all about.

Someone said that without art the crudeness of reality would make life unbearable. I agree, I want my art to exalt the human spirit,and help it soar above the pettiness of daily life."


Water Margin 115   Acrylic on canvas   
2005  142 x 107cm


Something in the air 118      Acrylic   
142 x 142cm     2005


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