Zhao Heng


The daylight Dream
Oil on canvas   70cm X 60cm    2009



Zhao Heng was born in 1945 in Shapingba, Chongging. She grew up in a literary family with both parents as renowned translators and writes of China.
At age 11 she started sketch training in Leipzig, Germany, followed by rigorous academicism training in Beijing. From 1996 to 1997, she was invited as an artist in residence at Lu Xiaguang Studio in the Paris International City of Arts and visited Europe again.

Vice Chairperson of Beijing Women Artists Companionship Association 2005-2008, Chairperson of the Chinese Lodge of the World Women Artists Association, and visiting professor of the Fine Art Institute of Luxembourg Europe Asia University.

Executive Chairperson of Her Presence in Colors VII -International Women Artists Exhibition-China/Beijing 2008

Her art works are included in fine arts collections such as Masterpieces of Chinese Artists Around the World, Paintings of Modern and Contemporary China, Chinese Fine Arts Today.