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Siti Mariah Sullivan

Koi Garden
Water Colour        38cm X 56cm        2008

1985 she was awarded a Master of Arts Degree in Art Education at the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. After graduating in 1988, Siti Mariah Jackson married artists Billy Morrow Jackson and settled in Champaign.

In 2003, Siti Mariah, along with her late husband Billy Morrow Jackson, were Commissioned to create a full-color coffee table book entitled: On This Island: An Artistic View of Martha¡¯s Vineyard, published by Spotlight Press, Champaign, Illinois in 2005. The book includes over 75 original paintings that not only focus on the landscape that is Martha¡¯s Vineyard but also capture the life and spirit of the people. Siti Mariah Jackson has participated in several public commissions as well as local, national and international art competitions. More than 400 of her artwork are in the public and private collections in the United States and throughout the world.

¡°Chorus¡± is one of my watercolor paintings presented in the book ¡°On This Island: An Artistic View of Martha¡¯s Vineyard¡±, co-authors by Billy Morrow Jackson and Siti Mariah Jackson, published by Spotlight Press, Champaign, Illinois, USA. It portrayed a town called Oak Bluffs with an ocean view. The dainty Victorian gingerbread houses, the charming bandstand gazebo, and the flying seagulls playing in chorus to a strumming guitar.