Sandra Angliss

Daily Life (detail)   
Gouache and ink on paper     42cm X 59cm      2009

Sandra Angliss is an artist and art teacher, who has been fascinated by colour and ideas since childhood. She gained a Bachelor of Fine Art from RMIT (1986-88) and is a trained visual arts teacher. Sandra is currently working with children with special needs. In 1999 Sandra joined INWAC and in 2003 she formed INWAA-Australia. Sandra lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner and two sons.

Artist statement:

I was contemplating the common, house-hold clothes peg and was fascinated by their colours and contours. Im always handling clothes pegs - they have been part of my daily life for decades. These funny little bits of plastic and wire are humble and are usually over-looked in the rush of day to day life. They serve an important service by making us use the wind to dry our clothes and not the energy wasting electric dryer.