Mi Dong Ying 

Sunset of Mt. Fuji 鯛晩揖連
Paper, Water colour         68cm X 136cm       2009

Although painting is a silent art,
When I paint, I feel like I am singing a poem.
At first, I fill the white with lines and colors.
After a while, I feel the brush running over colors.
The feeling of the poem rises between the lines.
Please listen to the poems in my art.
Painting is a silent art
It shows the images of my heart.
Poetry is the quintessence of the art I am seeking.
People look for a poem in the art.
My heart is always with the tip of the brush.

Mi Dong Ying is a Chinese artist living in Japan.  She has deeply learnt the technique of Chinese style painting and the history of Chinese art since she was seven years. And she studied in a Japanese university to get a doctoral degree in art ten years ago, and she learnt the ideas of modern art in Japan.  Now she is teaching in a Japanese university, working on her artwork.  She is attracted to the beauty of the Japanese traditional arts, and she is seeking her original art style, looking to create a style of art with the feeling of poet.