Ma Fang Yi

Penang Sence   Oil  121cm X 72cm   2009

Born in 1942 at Chong-Qing, China.Graduated from Fushing Kang University Fine Arts Department in 1966. Former chairman of Neo Form Art Society, juror of major arts exhibitions in southern Taiwan, art teacher at Tainan Second Senior High School. Currently a professional artist, he has  twenty solo exhibitions, and has published seven editions of "Ma Fang Yu full colour painting catalogue".

Recipient of Gold Cup Award from China Oil Painting Association in1995. He specialized in oil painting, pastel and water colour painting. His works reflect a strong affection toward Fauve, which embody a simplicity and mysterious

In 1996, Ma's two works, "The Sun above the Turtle Mountain Island" and "Yellow scenery" were collected by Taipei City Art Museum.

In 2004, he organized the "New Expression of Asian Art Exhibition" in Tainan Municipal Cultural Center.