Prof. Liu Wen San

Sunrise     Oil on canvas     2008

Born in Tainan, Taiwan 1939 and graduated from Taiwan National Art University 1966. Recipient of a grant from US government to study and research on art and museums in USA in 1979. He was the art professor of Tainan Normal University for 20 years, Zhang Rong University, Taiwan, and a visiting Professor for Europe Asia Institute. To date, he has more than 10 publications on his art and on Taiwan folk art culture to his credit.

Liu Wen San is a practicing artist for more than 50 years. He has held 42 Solo exhibitions in Taiwan, Japan, America and Penang and numerous group exhibitions in the various important art centers and museums locally in Taiwan and abroad.

He has received acclaims as the master of contemporary art in Taiwan as the painterly and expressive quality of his work reflects the artistic strength of Taiwan. Prof. Liu Wen San’s paintings are in the collections of  the national and state museums and galleries in Taiwan and abroad including the Taiwan National Art Museum, Taiwan National Historical Museum, Taiwan State Art Gallery, Tainan Art Center, California Art Center at Shiverport and Penang State Art Gallery as well as numerous cooperate and private collectors.