Liu Chang Ling

Peong 牡丹
Paper Painting  Ink  Designed Colour 纸本 设色
42cm X 42cm     2009

1962  graduated from the Fine Arts School attached to the Central
           Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.
1967 The Central Academy of Arts and Design
1995 QunZhong Publishinj House art beputy copy editor

The committee member of the Beijing Women Artists Ftiendship Association,China.

The member of the Beijing Zhongshan Painting & Calligraphy Society, China Some flowets & plant paintings and still-life pictures have deen exhibited at home and abroad many times, and published in the professional magazines, among them,

“Peach in Disk” had been rewarded with the second praise at  “The Painting, Calligraphy and Camera Pictures Exhibition” for 50 founding anniversary of  the Ministry of  Public Security;

“Seek” had been rewarded with the 8th “Chinese Public Stars Praise”.

“Flower & Butterflg” and “Dragon-Boat Festival” etc excellent works have been kept by the Zhongshan Painting & Calligraphy Society and the Ministiy of Public Security.

Some excellent artworks have been donated to relief fund or for school-aid, and some artworks have been sold to japan, Singapore, Taiwan etc.