Lin Lu Zai

迎春 Welcoming Spring
 中国彩墨画 Chinese Brush Painting     96cm x 89cm     2009

Lin Luzai was born in 1963 in Fuzhou, Fujian Province of China. In 1981, he graduated from the Arts and Technical College in China (Fujian Province).
As a Singapore permanent resident, he teaches Chinese brush painting at various recreation clubs, community clubs and schools in promotion of the art and its appreciation in Singapore. Lin Luzai assumed the position of the President of Aspiration Fine Arts. Olympic Fine Arts 2008, the Singapore, the only artist selected, he also gained the Certificates of the Fine Arts, Gold Medal and the torch.

He also conducts classes in his Studio Gallery.
His works are collected by galleries and art enthusiasts around the world.
He also made special guest appearances in various TV and radio programmes in China and Singapore, and was featured in several newspapers interviews and write-ups.

,定居新加坡.任天行健艺术院院长.特聘香港中外文化艺术交流中心艺术委员会高级艺术顾问.擅长中国画出版有《中国当代画家林禄在画集》,《皓月清风》,《高情逸思》,《墨缘情深》 林禄在画集等.作品与传略收入《中国书画家大辞典》,《中国古今书画名人大词典》等。

多次在中国,新加坡举办个人画展.获中国《西子杯》书画大奖赛银奖.2008 年北京奥林匹克美术大会,新加坡唯一的获选画家,并获得美术大会证书金牌与火炬.其作品各大机构,名人,商家均有收藏.中国,新加坡各大电视台,报章与杂志,常为作品专题介绍。