Khurshid Alam Saleem

Art, Color and Vision
Acrylic on canvas  90cm X 90cm    2009

I like bright and bold colors. Nature is not always bright and bold, but I consciously depict my nature in those high-pitched colors, because, like in a song, I like my chorus part to be loud and joyous so that I can renew myself with hope. In other words, art for me C like nature itself C is a source of hope and inspiration. By bringing this internalized experience out on the canvas, I invite my viewers to imbue themselves with the same exhilaration and promise.

Every genuine art work demands spontaneity. If it is deliberate and contrived, art loses its authenticity. Think of your first kiss, or the first time you saw the snow-capped peak of the Himalayas. When I draw, I experience the same sense of wonder and anxiety, curiosity and eagerness, hope and fear, all coming together in a forceful explosion. In art, I dont look for logic; instead I look for rhythm. Carefully structured sequence has no meaning for me. Instead, I live for the drama of the moment that reveals itself like the crashing foamy waves of the ocean: spontaneous, determined and majestic.