Jin Tingting  金亭亭

Snow  of  spring 正月雪
Oil painting  油画     65/80 cm       2009

(Aixinjueluo) Jin Tingting, of  Manchu  background, was born in Beijing.
Graduated  from  the  Middle  School  Affiliated  to the  Central  Academy of Fine Arts and late from the Dept. Fine Arts, Capital  Normal  University.
Professor of Beijing Language and Culture University, Tutor of  postgraduate students. 
Visiting   Scholar  in  France  German  Italy  and  Spain in 1993. 

Works selected in many national exhibitions held in the National Gallery.  
Works collected by art institutes both in home and abroad..
Many of her works were exhibited in Singapore, Japan, France, Taiwan and Hong kong, and published by People’s Daily and other journals abroad, while  other are to be found among the collections  of  the Museum of Sweden and the SONY .Corporation in Japan.

爱新觉罗)金亭亭 满族,北京人毕业于中央美术学院附中;首都师范大学美术学院研究生班。现为中国美术家协会会员,中国美协少儿美术艺委会委员;北京女美术家联谊会理事;北京语言大学艺术系教授,研究生导师。作品多次参加国内外展览并获奖,刊登于《人民日报》等报刊杂,部分作品被收藏。