Hilda Kelekian

Reflections of Nanyuki
Acrylic and Gold on canvas    45cm X 55cm    2009

HIlda Kelekian, a Cypriot citizen, born in Beirut, is an internationally well known artist painter specialized in parchment painting in sacred art Christian & Islamic as well as abstract paintings. Also a textile designer and an interior architect. She is the owner of the Kokosport Uniform factory since 1985.

 Has achieved 9 gold medals, many distinctions and award, her works are in permanent display in 9 museums in USA, Europe and Asia. Since 1992 Hilda & her sister Lena had 165 collective exhibitions, in Museums, Biennales & Salons in 24 countries and 12 solo exhibitions.

She is the curator of  the Festival de l¨Art, a member in the Femme Art Mediteranne Lebanon, Alumni of BUC and a member of  MEADOWS .