Harald Schole



dRAWING     133CM x 197CM    2007

work within the vast field of the visual arts, researching the possibilities that they (and their various artistic disciplines) can offer to link up with other disciplines, such as urban planning, architecture and physics. Moreover, I am interested in the material and technical side of the visual arts. I am also an initiator as well as a participator in artists¨ initiatives, besides being a curator of exhibitions and an organiser of events.

From 1998 onwards, I have been a member of the editorial staff of kM, an art magazine on material and technical developments for professional artists and restorers. In 1999, I published

U-town, a compilation of my architectural models and ideas about the underground.

My artistic concepts on behalf of local government, building corporations and art funds have initiated discussions about art and urban culture, which have stimulated developments and are used as a guideline in the cultural process.

My special interest is the development of art projects in relation to either specific sites or special occasions.