Eva Choung-Fux

Angels don't need Wings
Print Graphic, Oil on Chinese Paper, Unique print
33cm X 19cm    2009

1935 - Austria .
- Diploma University Applied Arts Vienna
- 1960, 1962 C 1968 artist in Japan and Korea
1997 - Art studio on Majorca / Spain.

Teaching, Affiliations: From 1968: AUSTRIA, China, Finland, GERMANY, JapAN, Korea, SPAIN and USA.


solo-exhibitions: From 1958 graphic, photography, painting, object: Austria, China, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, USA.

Works (GRAPHIC ART, PAINTING, Sculpture, PHOTOGRAPHY) public collections: Austria, China, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Spain, USA

Works (GRAPHIC, PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY) private collections: Austria, China, Germany, Japan, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, USA.

Works (SCULPTURE) public space: Austria, China, Japan, Spain. Publications (books, Catalogues): Austria, China, Poland, Spain

In graphic, paintings, sculpture, the artist works in slow motion. In photography she arrests in a seconds fraction reality as metaphor of itself. She is connected with contemporary art of composers and poets. Her art forms part of our centuries protest, agony, desire and hope.