Cheng Lan-Mei

Dreaming Love
Oil on canvas     45.5cm X 38cm    2004

Mrs. Lan-mei Cheng was born in Taiwan in 1945. 
After graduate school of business, she decided to devote herself to art work. Later, she moved to USA, and now she lives in Shanghai as a professional Artist.
She has been working in the field of art education for more than 30 years.She taught sketches, water color, oil painting, printing, color application and how to enjoy art work in many high schools and university.

"I paint my own way, create shape and colors, show my own spirit". As the principle, her art work showed special features with abundant colors and vivid painting.

She likes to gather many different objects and rearrange them in different way to create art work with many aspects. This makes her painting quite interesting and induce imagination.

Her work always pursuit feeling of beauty, constantly try to “surpass myself ” and finally reach the highest status of “Perfect above perfect.”