Prof. Chen Luo Jia

Green Water Village 
      Water Colour      39cm X 54cm      2008

          Chen Luojia is a professor in Department of Architecture and Art Design in Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China. She is a member of Chinese Artists Association. She has been working in art education and research area for many years, as well as watercolor painting. Her painting style is natural and refreshing.
          She has been invited to attend many art shows and had solo exhibitions in China and other countries, such as Australia, Korea, Malaysia, France and the United States.
          Her artworks have been collected by many galleries in China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada , the United States and France.
          Selected by Chinese Artists Association, she went to Paris, France, for art study and visited other European countries from July to September in 2008.

        陈洛加教授,  北京交通大学建筑与艺术系教授。现为中国美术家协会会员。长期在高校从事美术教学与研究。绘画风格清新、自然、唯美。