Bibi Trabucchi

Peace      Engraving (3)     50cm X 70cm    2008

Bibi Trabucchi lives and works in Rome. Here she founded ^Alif ̄, a Cultural Association for the Study of Calligraphy.                      
                                                                                                                              As a journalist she has contributed to the major Italian journals. Since 1999 she has devoted herself mainly to her favorite art: calligraphy. She has been charmed by its artistic language and its development into abstract expressions of shapes drawn from ancient writings. Both Arab and Chinese calligraphy are her favorite subjects, she decomposes and recomposes them in a white space to recreate contrasts of shapes and colors.

       The first exhibitions took place in Europe (Rome, Paris, Nice) until 2004, when she was invited to participate in the Biennial of Arabic Calligraphy in Sharjah (UAE). The latest exhibitions in Amman, Sharjah, Mahares, Dubai, Museum of Baotou (Inner Mongolia) and Beijing (first in "798" area and than for the "Olympic Fine Arts").