Basia Lipska

Digital art       59.4cm x 84.1cm (standard A1)        2006

BASIA J. LIPSKA is an artist and an earnest practitioner and authorized instructor of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System of Yoga. She resided in Japan since 1997 during which time she co-founded Ashtanga Yoga Japan, the Museum Tokyo Performance Space, and assisted in the expansion of the International Yoga Center. Along with extensive visits to Mysore, India to practice under Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Sri R Sharath, she trained under Shandor Remete, David Swenson and Mark Darby and was inspired by Shingon Buddhism, the Self-Realization Fellowship and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Basia now offers classes, workshops, teacher training programs, organizes holistic services and events in Poland and Norway. She has performed yoga demonstrations, choreographed and supervised yoga-related projects at various venues and appeared in numerous health & fashion magazines, DVD¨s, TV programs and books (fashion, health, sport) promoting yoga and healthy living standards. Having witnessed the transformative power of yoga, its notion of psychosomatic knots as well as its therapeutic practice became the driving force of her creative interests which range from photography to fashion, culminating in a MFA in design. She presents the image of a knot, found in doodles, maps, diagrams, etc., as a nomenclature of therapy and an allegory of the spiritual journey of modern times.